Renowned Artists Sergio Arau & Chloe Trujillo Collaborate on Limited Edition Apparel, DESMODER







“Art NacoChido” By Sergio Arau



Music, fashion, and art come together in perfect synchronicity with the new apparel brand Desmoder, in limited edition T-Shirts designed by the renowned Mexican artist Sergio Arau and the Parisian born artist and designer Chloe Trujillo. Alongside a three day exhibition and pop-up shop of artwork by the two notable multi-talented artists, Desmoder was launched on October 3rd, 2018 at Recnstruct Studios in Los Angeles. Co-created with Alejandro Ordonez and Javier Aguirre, the exhibition featured a specially curated selection of original paintings by Arau and Trujillo, as well as various art, fashion, music, and film elements that encompass the artist’s multi-spectrum field of work. Trujillo and Arau are a rare breed of multi-faceted talented artists that pin-pointing them in any one label is difficult. Both also coming from music backgrounds as well as art and fashion, the two have come together to forge a distinctive collection of apparel to launch Desmoder.

“Art Spirit Free” By Chloe Trujillo

“Art Rudo Music” By Sergio Arau              “Art Clairvoyant” By Chloe Trujillo

About Sergio Arau:
Sergio Arau is an LA and Mexico based Multi-disciplinary Artist – a filmmaker, artist, and, musician. The writer/producer/director of the feature film “A Day Without a Mexican,” a musician who formed Botellita De Jerez, La Venganza de Moctezuma, and Sergio Arau & Los Heavy Mex whose music fuses humor and traditional Mexican music with the contemporary Rock’N’Roll. A visual artist and political cartoonist, and the creator of ArtNacó, a Mexican Pop Art a pictorial proposal that integrates Lucha Libre, and other popular manifestations like the street altars.

About Chloe Trujillo:

Chloe Trujillo is an LA-based visual artist, fashion designer, and musician who creates artwork using a vibrant color palette whose content is informed by motifs like spirituality, cultures, nature and Rock-n-roll. Her multi-faceted talents have spread to appear in a wide variety of items intense like canvases, fashion accessories, surfboards, skateboards, guitars, fashion apparel and more, where here intense and vigorous colors can be appreciated with-in the contour of the item.
“Art Intuicion” By Sergio Arau Desmoder “Venom Burgundy” “Art Knowledge” By Chloe Trujillo “Art Mystic Power” By Chloe Trujillo
               Desmoder “Prisoner Blue”                   Desmoder “TicTac” Black Shirt