Alison Mosshart – West
Mixed Media on Canvas
30 x 40 in


Exclusive Interview

– We know you as the lead singer of the band The Kills. But what is your background as an artist?
Art was certainly my first passion as a kid. My mother was a high school art teacher. I was raised on paints and markers. I grew up heavily obsessed with skateboarding and punk music. Loved skateboard graphics, records covers. I made a lot of zines, collage, drawings, cut up films. I went to art school for a while too, but after a couple of years, dropped out to go on tour. I always thought I’d go back to school… but 20 odd years later… I’m still on tour.

 – What would you say inspires you as an artist?
People, cities, countries, politics, the news, film, love, cars, music.

 – Favorite quote that describes you and your work as an artist?
“HOLY SHIT JOLT FUCK, WHAT? WOW!” That’s a real quote which made me laugh a lot.

 – Your recent exhibition closed at FF-1051 gallery in Los Angeles. What is the exact meaning of Los Trachas, and what is the main theme within the exhibition?              Actually it’s still open. The gallery extended the show until Dec 31st. There is no exact meaning of ‘Los Trachas’- it’s more of an art gang title. Just an abstract name. I did a show earlier in the year at Panteón in Mexico City and I had this painting of a guy and a girl, just their backs, both wearing leather jackets- they had a sort of biker vibe about them and I asked Danny Zovatto for a Spanish gang name I could paint on their jackets. His immediate response was “Los Trachas”. The name stuck with us.

Alison Mosshart
Night Scene
Acrylic, Oil Pastel and China Marker on Canvas
30 x 24 in
$5,000 – SOLD

– How closely did you and Danny Zovatto work in the process, and what similar theme’s do you both carry throughout your works?
We worked in the studio together the whole time. Painting in a room with another person is not something either of us are particularly used to, but it was really fucking cool, and FUN. Fun to bounce ideas off one another, share colors, ask questions, fun to have another motivating force and not go down the rabbit hole. It was a great experience. I think we both come from the same place when it
comes to the way we feel and think about painting and art. We both very much work from the heart, it’s all very personal and emotionally charged- automatic… fast, imperfect, a bit wild. It’s wonderful to be supported down that type of bumpy road.

– If you were to have a conversation with one famous artist modern or otherwise, who would it be and why?
Don Van Vliet. I’m sad I never got to meet him. He’s not only my favorite painter but one of my favorite musicians, singers, lyricists ever. Instead of having a conversation with him, I would have just really loved to watch him work. He was such a genius. And such a weirdo.

– What would you say are the main theme’s within your work as an artist?
The human condition. Weeding through confusion and mystery in our lives. And when that fails, going for a spin in a very fast car.

– Are there any recurring theme’s that appear throughout your work?
As stated above. I paint cars because they are simple and have no feelings. And I paint people because they are complicated, feel too much, essentially beautiful out of control animals.

 – How did you and Danny Zovatto begin collaborating for this exhibition, and what was the process like?
We met in New York in the summer and got the chance to be in a studio painting together. We really hit off, really loved working together and didn’t want to stop I guess. So we didn’t stop. We just kept going. It was an easy and natural evolution. You have an idea… and then you execute it. And then you fucking high-five.

Alison Mosshart
Sex Scene
Acrylic and Oil Pastel on Paper
24 x 18 in

– How would you say your music has inspired your work as an artist?
I would say it’s all part of the same. I listen to songs and I see images, colors, visuals, scenes. I look at paintings and photographs and I hear voices and rhythms. I could never just do one and not the other. I need them both to fully communicate and enunciate whatever I’m trying to get out.

 – Who/what inspires you the most as an artist? Anyone who stands out?
So many people and so many things. My eyes are open. I travel the world constantly. I’m lucky to meet a lot of people on a fairly regular basis. I’m constantly taking in so much, maybe too much information. I’m always ready and willing to have my mind fucking blown. Curiosity keeps my tank full.

– What’s next for you?
Jamie and I are beginning to write the next Kills record. We just got off the road after a 3 year tour and we’re both READY.

Los Trachas exhibition is curated by FF-1051 owner/gallerist Holly Purcell, and currently on view until December 31st at FF-1051 Los Angeles Gallery.