“The Less I Know” Artwork by Sarah Maple, “THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS” Solo Exhibition, The Untitled Space, January 2019

The Untitled Space gallery is pleased to present, “Thoughts and Prayers,” a first United States solo exhibition of works by award-winning British visual artist Sarah Maple. Curated by gallery director Indira Cesarine, “Thoughts and Prayers” opens on January 22nd, 2019, and is view through February 3rd, 2019.

Maple’s exhibition will be the first of a series of solo exhibitions presented by The Untitled Space throughout 2019 featuring artists with an extraordinary body of work that aligns with the gallery’s mission to promote women in art and unique voices that are under-represented.

Sarah Maple is known for her bold, brave, mischievous and occasionally controversial artworks that challenge notions of identity, religion and the status quo. Much of Maple’s inspiration originates from being raised Muslim, with parents of mixed religious and cultural backgrounds. “Thoughts and Prayers” will feature many new works, as well as a selection of some of her most notable past works, exploring a wide variety of media including performance, painting, photography, sculpture, collage, installation, and video. Maple’s pro-feminist artwork provokes a dialogue with her sharp humor and satirical eye. She fearlessly addresses what it means to be a Muslim in the Western world. Her taboo-breaking artwork fights against censorship as she investigates themes of politics, violence, freedom, feminism, and the ironies of pop culture. She often employs self-portraiture as a vehicle for her narrative, or engages guerrilla-style performance as a means to convey her message.

“Human Trapped” Artwork by Sarah Maple, “THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS” Solo Exhibition, The Untitled Space, January 2019

Exclusive Interview with Sarah Maple


What is your background?
I was born in Eastbourne in the UK which is an extremely white seaside town!
– What inspires you most at present, and where do you go to find inspiration generally (whether in the past of present)?
I read a lot before I make a new body of work, I love to use quotes in my work which I find really inspiring.
– Favorite quote that describes you and your work?
‘Fuck the police’ haha!
– What does art mean to you?
I am obsessed with it. I need to get over it a bit.
– If you were to be stuck on an island with one other notable or influential person from any field or profession, who would it be and why?
I mean I could choose Frida Kahlo but we may not hit it off! Then I’d be depressed! So I would choose the artist and freedom rider Janet Braun-Reinitz. I met her at an artist residency in LA in 2016. She is an absolute bad ass and real inspiration for me. I know we’d spend the whole time putting the world to rights….actually we’d be on a desert island with no political fodder so maybe we’d run out of conversation haha!
– Your current exhibition “Thoughts & Prayer’s is on at the Untitled Space gallery, curated by Indira Cesarine. What is your relationship with the gallery, and why did you choose this specific exhibition for that gallery?
I made this work in summer last year and hadn’t found the right place to show it. When I met Indira it seemed like a perfect fit. Everyone knows what I mean by ‘Thoughts And Prayers’ but it’s much more loaded to an American viewer. It feels like the right time to show this work. The exhibition is a mixture of recent political commentary and feminism.
– What meaning would you say an editorial such as this, in Tartarus Magazine, have for you? Does it have a specific point to make?
It’s difficult to say without in turn completely flattering myself! I like how Tartarus champions the underdog or rather the out of the ordinary. We need more exciting and edgy publications like these taking risks.
“This is My Penis” Artwork by Sarah Maple, “THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS” Solo Exhibition, The Untitled Space, January 2019

– Some of your topics of focus have dealt with identity, and/or the search for, as well finding ones true voice as a female in a male led world. Why do these subjects matter to deeply to you?
I think selfishly because I am a woman and I hate to see women suffer. I think you’d be a robot not to to feel something when you see clear inequalities. We’ve come a long way but there’s still so much further to go. For example the ‘men are from Mars, women are from Venus’ stuff (one of my pet hates) which is so ingrained in our society about supposed gender differences will take generations to change.
– If a young girl were to have a look at one of your artworks, what message or ideal would you wish for her to take with her?
I deal with the theme of shame in my work. I think women are made to feel so much shame about everything, their sexuality, basic bodily functions – their ambitions….if we could teach girls (and boys) about this from a young age maybe we could make an attempt at an equal society.
– If you weren’t an artist, what career would you have?
It doesn’t bare thinking about! To be honesty over dream job is so mind-numbingly boring I would rather keep it to myself haha!
– Any artist past or present that has influenced your work and progression so far?
I absolutely love Sarah Lucas. She has that British sense of humor and fun in her work that I just find so refreshing. She just had a show at New Museum and it reminded me why I was so obsessed with her work when I was younger.
– What do you see as your signature artistic style?
Not being afraid to be controversial.
– What’s next for you?
I have a few shows coming up mainly on the theme of Brexit – the most ridiculous and absurd time to be a Brit! I have returned to painting which has been a joy and I’m looking forward to seeing what people think!