Ritch Erani NYFC announces a Cruel Intentions inspired footwear collaboration with Sony Pictures, launching today. Cruel Intentions currently celebrates its 20th Anniversary which will coincide with the drop of the collection. Ritch Erani recreated styles based on the three main characters of the film, Kathryn, Annette and Cecile.  Kathryn is a sexy and dangerous heel with the iconic rosary necklace wrapped around the top closure of the shoe. The word Bitch is smeared across the strap of left shoe. Annette is the complete opposite of the Kathryn. The shoes emulate a good girl who is sweet and soft. Bows mimic Annette’s pig tails and accentuate her innocence. The Cecile represents the classic loafer wearing schoolgirl too young to be playing with fire. Cruel Intentions was the quintessential high school drama of the 90’s with a cult following that is still active today. The movie brought you into the world of the elite New York prep school society, paving the way for shows like Gossip Girl. Throughout the movie teenagers were acting like adult’s way before their time, which was brought to the forefront with their high-end wardrobes. The Ritch Erani collection transports you back to 1999, where all you wanted to do was emulate your favorite character.
The collection drops Thursday, June 13th at www.ritcherani.com and on Farfetch Friday, June 21st.  It will be available in-store exclusively at CHUCKiES New York on July 8th.  The styles retail for $450-495.