Adriana Patsolou says, “I come from a design background having studied the subject at Athens School Of Fine Arts and continued the exploration of design principles and subject through an extensive career in product and interior design with my own design firm for over ten years. Having communicated through arts for many years, I was never satisfied with my medium until I dabbled with fashion design, and even then, I had to go around it but as it turns out, I can’t. It has now become my only medium.” She continues, “My signature style is that of complication. I tend to complicate my designs mirroring the multiple roles of womanhood, modern day womanhood, with our thousand roles, the busy life and the pride she stands towards that. Then bring them together to make sense with juxtaposition and unexpected tailoring details. Again, the core of my brand, it’s a phrase, a saying maybe that reads: “be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning the devil says, oh crap she’s up!” Among Patsalou’s achievements is the 2012 ‘Best Retail Interior Design” award by the International Property Awards association as well as being the subject of fruitful research by Murray State University and contribution to the innovation of the relationship between art and e-commerce. Adrianna says that she’s constantly inspired by her travels. Urban chaotic spaces feed her inspiration as well as nature and architecture. “I also draw inspiration from cinema and the combination of the above, however, in the core of all this inspiration is womanhood hence securing women as my audience with my endeavors in fashion design. Photography, on the one hand is a form of art I’ve always related to and kept observing and admiring. The evolution of photography. Fashion on the other hand is a medium of expressing my creativity and a way to keep myself on the edge. Not only these images but everything we do at Adriana Patsalou has in its core the admiration of womanhood, the challenge to overcome inherited stigmas and protrude in embracing all that comes with womanhood with a certain philosophy of owning that with no compromise, no excuses.” Adriana says there are so many things ahead for the brand and designer herself. “For a fresh designer like myself, it’s hard to stop. We just recently showed AW19 at Tranoi, Paris, and thrilled to carry on producing and making the modern woman feel good, look great and spread pride.”

Story by Serafina Lach.