Photo by Ana Luisa Silva.

Priorities. I’ve been thinking about them a lot lately, everyone has them but not all of us share them. I’ve noticed recently while perusing my Facebook feed that quiet a few of my friends are heavily focused on things that hold little to no interest to me whatsoever. For example a friend of mine is a personal trainer slash babysitter. Which means that she’s someone who watches after someone’s kid but tells everyone she’s a trainer. Her priorities include food deprivation, cooking her own meals “under budget”, going to the gym numerous times a day and telling everyone about how she’s a personal trainer and can whip them into shape. Recently her boyfriend took her on a romantic staycation in the city, she forced that poor man to get up at 6am and go for 2 mile runs on the Brooklyn Bridge. That’s Valentines Day for some people. I just don’t understand how that life can be enjoyable. You only wear workout clothes; your idea of fun is grocery shopping with coupons because “Produce is soooo expensive! No wonder my clients eat fast food!”, also honey – what clients? Imagine leading a life of culinary deprivation. Imagine skipping all the truffle pasta, cupcakes, and juicy artisanal burgers in favor of spinach lasagna you cooked yourself. What’s worse is that this girl doesn’t even look that great! You’d think that a gym rat and a professional dieter would have an amazing body, but alas she does not. At best her body is average. Dare I say even much like mine – body of a 31-year-old woman who once in a blue moon walks an epileptical and considers wine and pizza primary sources of nutrition. I don’t remember the last time I consumed anything green. Meanwhile I seem happier. I seem to be enjoying life to the fullest, I may not live to be a hundred but I’ll sure live my life happy and a tummy full of yummy pizza. 

Story by Jen Ruane.