Futurist & Interior Designer Warren Kay Leads The Tech-Driven Future
For Home & Design

Technology is moving at the speed of light. We are experiencing changes in our lives happening so quickly that with the blink of an eye, it’s obvious to see how the changes are touching all of us, and causing us to query how we alongside it, relate to it immediately, and certainly communicate with it. Not least, the prevailing question remains: how has technology affected where we sleep and what we wear. We do know how technology has affected the convenience of easy deliveries. But further questions to be put forward are how the technology revolution will change how we look? Will designers start designing clothing that is non-gender specific? Will we all look the same, or how do we feel about textiles that will perhaps cool us, transmit or health tracking or heart rate, and even know when we feel sad or happy. Does this make us dumber or smarter? Or does it release us from our mundane thoughts and lives, to allow us to exist as wholly creative and enlightened beings. Technology has so strongly ingratiated itself into our daily lives that we now find ourselves getting used to smart homes. At MDRN Intelligent Living, we have been tirelessly working on creating the future of design as well as a retail experience that touches all our fives senses. MDRN showcases the very best of technology, interiors, and home design that allows us to live with ease and beauty. Our design team is a leading group of creative individuals who are on the pulse of technology advancement and innovations in design. We are most interested and fascinated by the merging of luxury design at the highest level with the most advanced technology to create finely balanced, warm, sustainable, and safe products for consumers; and all this while embracing these changes within tech. For me, as technology changes and evolves, so too must design at the highest level as it correlates to this ever-changing society. MDRN is about creating living spaces that magically transform your bedroom into your dining room or your dining room into your office by seamlessly using the latest technology, robotics, as well as voice and automated mechanisms without compromising beautiful design. We recently introduced our “Intelligent Living” modular furniture system, which thankfully has been received with praise.

“Intelligent Living” is modern and upscale design at its finest. Everything is entirely made in Italy by the best craftsmen utilizing sustainable measures to ensure an eco-friendly and 100% emission-free processes. “Intelligent Living” has been our biggest attempt yet in merging the latest technology with art and design. But we didn’t simply want to touch on the mergence of tech and design; we wanted to go a bit further; so the consumer is also invited to enter the world of design. Every item in our “Intelligent Living” series is completely customizable with over 100 finishes materials, fabrics, leathers, and digital imaging options, allowing the consumer, or interior designer, to become the designer. They develop full creative and artistic control, and we act as the “cherry of top” by fusing advanced technology and the finest materials to make their dreams a reality. As a futurist, it has been my greatest joy to travel the world in search of the best and the newest advancements in design and technology, forecasting what people may need and utilize in the future. The highlight, however, is being able to bring these very futuristic items to consumers now.