Photo by Narin Yun.

It started when they came for the statues. Statues they claimed were racist and derogatory. Then they came for art. When I got this assignment I got it with a side story, turns out to be that recently Tartarus attempted to post a tasteful nude photo on their social media channels and were met with an outcry about censorship. Apparently per social media one (even if that one is an art and fashion publication) is prohibited from posting a nude photograph unless it depicts a women post double mastectomy, breastfeeding or in context of childbirth. Male genitals are even more of a taboo. When my editor heard about this she flew into a rage as you can imagine any Russian woman would when someone forbids her from doing whatever the hell she wants to do. And I understand her anger.

Per the guidelines women are reduced to nothing but a science experiment, where we must study her scars which trust me are not something anyone would want to look at. We must study her at her must unflattering and frankly disgusting- after she’s given birth. Something that is so incredibly private that only people that truly love you can but shouldn’t witness: NOT the general public. We’re apparently free to see her nipples as they’re being deformed and distorted by a little piranha that sucks the life out of them. This is what society deems respectable. Meanwhile a beautiful tasteful nude by Russell James depicting a gorgeous woman perched on the side of an infinity pool overlooking a vast expanse of the ocean is something vulgar and inappropriate. And that my friends is the biggest bullshit. Art should never be curated by someone who doesn’t have the slightest idea about it. Art should be provocative, it should make you uncomfortable, it should make you feel all sorts of emotion and one of them is desire. Society is trying to reduce the female form to nothing but a homely mother figure; they are completely stripping her of her sexuality, her desirability, and her basic femininity. Women, as well as men should be looked upon and desired. And art should be looked at felt in the deepest corners of your soul. Without art we are nothing but primates. So please, don’t take away from it with silly censorship to protect those that are not worth protecting. 

Photo by Jen Ruane.