Metis Atash never aimed to be an artist. On the contrary. With background is political economy and finance. She has worked several years in private equity and investor relations, facilitating Initial Public Offerings in her hometown of Munich in Germany. But over the course of years she started to get bored and realized that what she loved most is art projects. She left her job with Initial Public Offerings and the rest is history.

“Starting with an idea and developing it into something visual, something that takes a life of its own. That’s what creation is for me. And once it’s finished, I move on to the next project.  I don’t like to look back at pieces from 10 years ago. The past doesn’t interest me at all. “

Atash says that she always find inspiration in fashion and loves browsing through fashion magazines, preferably Vogue, but also just sit in cafes and observe people passing by, “You can tell a lot about a person the way they dress. I love Chanel; she will be my forever inspiration. Fashion has a great meaning for me. I love fashion as much as I love art. Good fashion is art. It creates emotions, it changes dynamics, it inspires, and it’s timeless.”

Metis continues, “My work is about the law of attraction. I believe in energy, that we are eternal souls living a human experience and that we create our world with our thoughts, our emotions and our intentions. We need to learn how to select our thoughts the same way we select our clothes every day. This is a power we can cultivate and master. If we want to control things in our lives, we ought to work on our minds. That’s the only thing we should be trying to control. This power is what I attempt to transpire into my pieces. Sometimes we try too hard to find the answer to a question. For it is not meant to be answered right now, but simply to be acknowledged, observed and for us to trust that when we know what we desire the universe always meets us where we show up for our ourselves and the truth always comes forward over time either as we consciously decide or unconsciously allow. So the only task that remains is to release attachment from what was and continue to honor the energies of truth. My pieces stand for that. I chose to create the PUNKBUDDHA because above all that I am, I am a freedom seeker. A rebel heart. A silent warrior. He is the seed to my soul.”

Atash has a lot of exhibitions and shows planned for the next 6 months throughout Europe, US and Canada. “I do not look too far into the future. I just enjoy. Today and tomorrow or the near future is what counts. Developing new ideas, new projects, traveling, discovering and creating.  90% of my ideas land on the production table. 10% in the bin. I am full of ideas, so my production schedule is tight. If I’m not excited about it I won’t run with it. I don’t like lukewarm. Its 100% or nothing.”

Story by Bart Owenby.