At OC Jewellery, they know that nothing quite says ‘I Love You’ on Valentine’s Day like the gift of Jewellery. OC Romance Collection embodies the sentiment of love, with heart-shaped 18K White and Yellow Gold Rings, the White Gold Heart Band with Black and White Diamonds, or 18K Gold Rings with Mini Diamond Hearts; there’s something to fulfill any loved one’s desires. The OC Romance collection utilises a plethora of precious and semi-precious stones that interlace Sapphires, Rubies, and Amethysts, with 18K Gold and exquisite White and Black diamonds. Gift someone your heart this Valentine’s Day with the OC Romance collection, where everything is made from the heart, to gift with love in mind. Immerse yourself in the collection, and find whatever your heart desires, with a selection of bracelets, rings, necklaces, and cufflinks.

Something invigorating is stirring at Orianne Collins; an exciting new event to bring some joy and light into 2021. Make sure you keep a watch on social media channels to find out more about the Secret Garden which is complimentary for all OC Spa guests. What better way to pamper, preen, and prep yourself ahead of a romantic Valentine’s Day than visiting the exhilarating OC Spa; because love is all about loving yourself first. Enjoy one of signature facials or choose from variety of specially designed skin treatments- including the Skins Sensations Gold 24k Treatment or the Goji Treatment- there is a special something for everyone. Bring a little bit of Spa to the comfort of your own home with the OC Magic Oil. Magic Oil is an all-encompassing, full-body beauty serum with a multitude of benefits for your skin including; enhancing your skin’s natural glow with a touch of gold powder, reducing the signs of aging, and minimizing the appearance of cellulite all within one magical little bottle.