Project image for IFA BRAND – BOUDOIR

More and more of us each year experience photographs and other art works on the Internet. But like many other things, there is nothing more powerful than a real-world, physical experience. BOUDOIR will be an aesthetic object in its own right. Produced in Italy on fine art paper, with offset-lithographic printing, and beautifully bound, the experience of exploring its pages will be as sensual as the imagery contained inside. We will also be paying special attention to the hardcover materials – the cloth we’ve chosen is real silk – and for the boxed edition we’ll be doubly attentive to be certain that the tactile  experience is even more special.

IFA BRAND – BOUDOIR will be produced in a hardcover format and will feature an introduction by author/editor Nora Kobrenik.

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  • Format – 25 x 20cm (10 x 8 in)
  • 128 pages
  • Approx. 70 colour images
  • Printed on fine art paper by one of Europe’s leading presses
  • First edition of 1,000 copies, plus special boxed editions and an exclusive patron’s edition
  • Pre-order an exclusive SIGNED copy for just £50
  • Books will ship in September 2021 from distribution centres in Italy*, the UK and US

*Note: pledges within Europe will be fulfilled direct from the printer in Italy – there will be no additional import charges or taxes