BETTINA WERNER | “Angel Signs, Finding Coins”, 2019 16 x 16 inches (1992 US Penny), Museum Glass Frame
Pioneering Artist Bettina Werner : The Salt Queen
Archangel Michael Salt Crystal Art Collection, 2019

It is not enough to simply describe the renowned Milan born, American visual artist Bettina Werner as one-of-a-kind and legendary, because the full scope of her artistry and contribution’s to the art world is endless.In fact, this forthright innovator with an alluring and commanding presence  (who resides in and has been instrumental in revitalizing the art scene in Manhattan’s historic Wall Street district for years) is a trailblazer; not just a staunch leader. Recognized as a pioneer for being the first to have invented a technique for colorizing and texturizing salt crystals, as well as exclusively utilizing salt as an art medium, Werner has become a mainstay, formidable figure on the international art scene since the early 1980’s. Her one-of-a-kind salt crystal painting have been exhibited at some of the world’s leading galleries and museums, and can be found in the private collections of some of the most important art collectors across the globe. The latest salt crystal art paintings by the internationally acclaimed artist – called the Archangel Michael Salt Crystal Collection – have just been unveiled, and the beauty and serenity within them are a representation of the divine here on earth

Archangel Michael Salt Crystal Collection

Inspired by it’s famous historical namesake, The Archangel Michael Salt Crystal Art Collection represents healing and protection. In scriptures, Archangel Michael is the only angel to be celebrated in several religions including Catholicism, Islam, Judaism, Lutheranism, Anglicanism, and more. He is recognized as the chief commander and protector of the army of God, and is also mentioned more often than any other in several scriptures including the Bible, the Torah, the Quran, and the Zohar. 

“Michael is the Archangel of strength, justice and protection. He is the leader of all angels,who fights evil with the power of good. I call him for his guidance against the forces of the demons to take action toward realizing my dreams”. – Bettina Werner

BETTINA WERNER | “Angel Number 8 Infinity”, 2019 18 x 36 inches
BETTINA WERNER | “Angel Number 8 Infinity”, 2019 18 x 36 inches

The newest collection of artworks includes “ANGEL SIGNS, FINDING COINS”an ethereal light blue colorized salt crystal painting marked only with a single bronze coin. According to the artist, finding coins is a common sign of guidance and support from the sky toward the right path. It is a sign that angels, ancestors, spirit guides, and deceased loved ones are looking out for you. Numerical values have, throughout history, been among one of the many ways that angels use to communicate with people. Called ANGEL NUMBERS, these can mean and carry with them messages of hope, love, encouragement, protection and guidance.

Included in the series of paintings is “Angel Number 8 INFINITY”. 8 on its side becomes infinity. The angel number 8 symbolizes infinite love, energy, eternity and never ending abundance from the universe. Another striking and universally acknowledged symbol the artist has created using her salt crystal art technique is the painting Angel Number 11:11″. For Werner, the universe is manifesting one’s thoughts into reality, and an illuminating love is bringing great abundance! The wheel of fortune is turning at your favor this moment. With Angel Number 11:11″, The timing of one’s life is just right for something magical, big, and unexpected to happen! You’re being assisted by your angels, ancestors, spirit guides, deceased loved ones, and the universe to consciously grow and expand. You Are spiritually awakening! Trust your journey.

BETTINA WERNER |  “Angel Number 777”, 2019
BETTINA WERNER | “Angel Number 11:11″, 2019 26.5 x 30.5 inches, Museum Glass Frame

An additional powerful representation in Werner’s new series of salt crystal paintings is “Angel Number 777”. This number is mostly associated with spirits of good luck, miracles, support from angels, fulfilled dreams. good fortunes and big support from the supreme creature (GOD). Angel Number 777” is a successful number that can change one’s life forever. Rounding out Bettina Werner’s “Archangel Michael Salt Crystal Collection” are the paintings “Angel Number 222”, “Angel Number 333” and “Angel Number 5”. The number 222 represents the manifestation of miracles. With 222, one’s dreams are soon to become a full reality. 222 is a reminder for one to trust your heart and continue to follow its guidance, which will allow you to express your creative power to manifest everything around you. “Trust that everything is working out exactly as it’s supposed to; with divine blessings for everyone involved.. Let go and have faith”.Doreen Virtue

BETTINA WERNER |”Angel Number 222″, 2019 16 x 20 inches
Artist Bettina Werner

Seeing the angelic number 333 is the way in which the universe reminds us how important and essential we are to the evolution of the world. With “Angel Number 333”, one’s energy is unique and special, which means one needs to make the most of it, and use it for a greater good. In “Angel Number 333″, the angels are telling you that you are overflowing with power and energy! Make the most of your talents. The number 333 reassures you of the usefulness of these talents. This number urges us to utilize our talents because were given by God in order triumph. “Angel Number 5” is a message from your angels that huge changes are about to unfold in your life. It is an answer to the question(s) you have been thinking about or seeking resolution to. More importantly, it means that a resolution to those questions or whatever you may be facing in life is on the horizon.

BETTINA WERNER | Angel Number 333″, 2019 16 x 20 inches

“Il numero Cinque simboleggia un nuovo magico punto di partenza verso la ricerca, le passioni e la fortuna”…

“The number 5 symbolizes a new magical starting point with passion, search, and fortune.”

BETTINA WERNER | “Angel Number 5”, 2019 16 x 20 inches
BETTINA WERNER | “Angel Signs, Finding Coins”, 2019 (1983 US Penny)