Photo by Marta Syrko.

As I write this story Kim Kardashian West is apologizing. She’s apologizing for naming her shapewear company Kimono which is the cutest play on her name Kim. The Internet is in uproar because apparently this too is an appropriation. And Kim is apologizing! She’s apologizing and renaming her brand! For me this immediately brings back memories of Adam Lambert who was an incredibly promising American Idol reject who pushed boundaries, kicked ass and was all around fabulous. Enter the faithful night of 2009 AMAs where Adam kissed 2 of his band members on stage and where everyone was talking about him he made the ultimate mistake of apologizing. This has ultimately ended his once promising career and renegaded to touring with the remaining members of Queen and likely spending the rest of his career living in the shadow of a dead man who never apologized for any damn thing! 

Apologizing is the ultimate deal breaker. Sure saying sorry has its time and place but not when you’re career can truly suffer for it. People that apologize for something that they believe in is the death of integrity. They are succumbing to peer pressure, they fall prey to convention and fear that someone won’t like them anymore. You know what? There will always be people out there who can’t stand you and everything you do; they will be offended by everything. And it’s okay. They are not the right audience for you. People that truly suffocate the ones that don’t give a fuck about what others think – look at Madonna! She has never said she was sorry and boy did she do stuff she should’ve been sorry for. She stood her ground and to this day remains a legend and an icon. 

In conclusion – don’t be the scaredy cat that runs away at first sign of struggle with its tail between your legs. No one like’s a person that goes back on his or her decision. What’s more people smell weakness like sharks smell blood in the water – and if you’re weak they will pin every sin on the planet and more on you. So don’t be weak, be a bad ass who doesn’t give a fuck about the small-minded herd. That’s all.

Story by Astrid Buck.